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How Much PLAY Do We Need?

Many of you did ask me this question; How much Play do we need actually?

Referring to the time spent, this diagram above is my answer. I hope this particular extracted facts would help those who are making Malaysia's education curriculum and policies.

Too much schooling is unhealthy.

Understand deeply on how our brain works first, then only you will come to a point where schooling, even though the sessions are productive (day and night - with tuition classes etc), our brains are not actually progressing and healthy.

PLAY isn't just FITRAH, but it is a NECESSITY.

Dear parents, the first six years of a child, please focus first on developments of physical, mental (cognitive thinking skills), emotion and social.

Academic skills like writing, reading and counting will eventually happens IF ONLY enough exposure during Play processes are given and attentively embraced by your child.

Please take note.


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